Remote healing – Green light laser

Can healing happen with just a picture?


Many times you have symptoms that hide deeper issues. Our conscious mind wants to tell the story through our wounds and symptoms.

If you aren’t:

  • sleeping well
  • digesting food and feeling nourished
  • feeling emotionally healthy
  • in the best health you can possibly be

then you can benefit from a series of green light laser treatments.

All you have to do is send a picture of your face, ears, hands and feet. I will send a 5 section graph for you to complete each time a treatment is scheduled. You will evaluate how you feel at the end of the session and for the next 24 hours. You do one treatment a day for 5 days. At the end of the 5 days, you evaluate your success and determine if more sessions are required.

Dr. Jae Shim has developed a green light laser system using coil and tesla energy. Because energy doesn’t know time and space as we, humans, consciously experience it, working with the laser and a picture can be done anywhere and the benefits are directed to the person in the picture.

Tesla coils -The spectacular and highly visible effect produced by tesla coils has been the subject of discussion for years. The high frequency high voltage energy produced possesses qualities unlike conventional electricity. It defies most insulation material, transmits energy without wires, produces heat, light and noise yet harmlessly passes through human tissue with virtually no feeling or shocking effects. Nikola Tesla was the originator of this research. As more progress was made in the electrical sciences, it was soon realized that he was indeed responsible for many advances in development in energy production.

One person reported that a chest pain they had for seven years as a result of surgery was alleviated after less than five sessions. All of the testimony regarding the various successes achieved from this treatment is anecdotal and your results may vary.

Each session will be scheduled for 15 minutes, for 5 days in a row. If you miss a session without 24 hours notice, your charge will not be adjusted for the missed session. Please send an e-mail to to schedule for your week.

Your total investment for five concurrent sessions is $120.00.The value is infinite. Recession Concession: Price will be $100.00 until further notice.

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