Present Moment Living is Transformational

  • Do you know what stresses you? Would you like to find out how you can learn about and manage your stress easily and quickly?
  • Is it important for you to learn more about your fantastic body functions and how to use them with grace and ease to stay healthy?
  • Did you know you can gracefully integrate mind, body, soul, and spirit and balance your emotions?
  • Present moment living is living at your best.
  • It is easy for you to build a fantastic wealth of information with products, teleseminars and webinars that you can access anytime.
  • Stored stress robs your of your ability to keep your immune system healthy so that you wind up getting sick or suffering from allergies. Learn to get rid of stress for a healthy immune system with a guided imagery designed especially for that!
  • And most importantly – how to become empowered with knowledge, resources, skills and support to improve your health, live in your power, and increase your abundance!
  • Improve chronic illness or pain.

Dr. Stephanie has your highest good in mind. I have been trained in many techniques so that you get the greatest benefit from working with me.

Wouldn't you love to have your life to change RIGHT NOW for the best?

The COHMILevel One Program for pain relief, stress management, healthy living, and purposeful life.
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Is it too much effort to just get out of bed? Have you been diagnosed with a chronic disease? This program is for you. It is a comprehensive program based on research and current information that has been shown to significantly improve your health and your life. Find out more by going here:
The Energetics of Stress Management: Body, mind, emotions and energy.
Is stress stressing you out? Do you really know what stress is? Are your stress coping skills simply not cutting it anymore? Don't have the time to add anything else to your schedule without adding to your stress? Stress management is more than diet and exercise. What can you do that won't add to your time burden but is very effective anyway? Click here to find out more!!!

The Present Moment has everything within it – so how do you “get there?” When is now NOT the right time?

You can choose from one on one appointments to long distance healing.  What works best for you?

The time to act is present!

I periodically facilitate Access Consciousness BARS classes. Look on the Access Consciousness tab for more information.

You can start that meditation practice you have only dreamed about, start now, Meditation and Guided Imagery, click here.

Do you want to know more about what holistic health is? You can listen to 10 holistic experts on a teleseminar. Find out more here.

The Optimal Health Coach Stephanie Stanfield.

Carol Chapman Live Presents An Interview with Dr. Stephanie Stanfield, Ph.D.


“I took the program because of pain I had in my hip that really hurt and nothing had really helped. The best thing that I got from the program was more energy, my chronic pain was reduced and I had a better sense of emotional balance. I recommend this program to everyone who has chronic pain or just wants to feel life is worth living.”

Taffy Force, Glenwood Springs, CO

“All sessions are based on scientific research so students can do as much research as they desire. I quickly learned that the more time I spend studying the concepts, the more quickly I see results. This class is a life altering experience!”

 Ruth Houkom Tucson, Arizona

“I have attended 2 COHMI™ programs as a client. I have also worked with Stephanie professionally as a nurse and as an acupuncturist to bring the program to Johns Hopkins Hospital. On a personal note, I would like to say that the program changed my life. It helped me through very serious illness that had a huge pain component. Stephanie is very gifted presenter. Her professionalism is exemplary throughout the entire delivery of the program. I have also recommended this program to many of my clients, knowing they will have major benefits from taking it. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone choosing to change their lives in many positive ways.”

 Kathleen Menten APRN, LA

“As a therapist, I am always looking for ways to support a client’s journey through recovery and positive change especially during the period immediately following initial treatment. Dr. Stanfield’s COHMI™ program offers clients a basic template that provides the foundation necessary to build a more effective life-philosophy and develop the skills that help sustain positive change. Many of the clients that come to us lack the ability to effectively self-care. In our clinic we stress the importance of self-attunement and self-care as an avenue to building a strong sense of self. The COHMI™ program builds on this teaching in great depth and provides real life practice with these skills. One-on-one attention to program participants furthers the immersion process; for many clients the program demystifies the life experience by teaching them the rules for successful engagement. Having taken the course personally and finding it highly beneficial and applicable, I highly endorse the COHMI™ program. Dr. Stanfield’s expertise and intuitive approach to delivery has helped many of my clients reach a more complete level of recovery.”

Jan Harr, MS MHC

Norm Shealy shares this bit of wisdom:

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