Remote healing – BioGenesis

Healing from a distance

Do you want to easily change old, unwanted habits?
Is there a physical part of your body that refuses to heal?
Is your Spiritual path taking you to places and emotions that
don’t feel authentic?
Do you know there is an abundance for you and you are
unable to receive it?

The Bio Genesis session utilizes a set of tools that have very special healing properties.
Each tool or wheel or ring is used in conjunction with a clear intention set by you.

Each session is designed by you so that your specific needs are
addressed. A checklist can be e-mailed so that you can refer to
your issues and the practitioner can use the tools and wheels that are very
clearly and specifically created for that issue.

For instance, the session might be geared toward a transformation intent. Then, the
tools and wheels for transformation are used. These tools of light and blessings
have just recently been created to be used during this period of light and earthly
transformation. The healing energy from the Bio Genesis tools comes from the early Atlantis energy.

Also, an intent can be emailed to me and I will place it under the Translator tool
so that you are sending it out to the Divine.

Sessions usually run for about an hour. Email with three dates and times that work for you.

I usually work with clients on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, Wednesdays and Friday mornings.

The cost is $150.00 per hour. The value is infinite. Recession Concession – Price will be $125.00 until further notice.