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Phone Consultations

Many of Dr. Steph’s energy therapies can be done long distance through personal Skype consultations. You can achieve many of the same positive benefits as seeing her in person.

If you want a one-on-one personal consultation, telephone appointments are available Monday through Friday. The average length is one to one and a half hours.

Please see the appropriate modality for time and prices. Call (970) 987-5029 to schedule a time and start your healing process right away.

The Energetics of Stress Management; Mind, body, emotions, and energy.

This 12 part series begins January 22, 2014 and occurs once a month throughout the year. You can listen to the live call for FREE! Any of the sessions may be purchased for $9.99 each or the entire series of 12 sessions for $97.00. Buying the series saves you about 20%! Each month you will get the recording of the call and materials to support you in remaining stress free.

When you purchase the entire series, you will receive a new session each month on the production date. If you purchase sessions before the month in which they are produced, you will receive the session on that month’s production date.

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Angel Card Readings

You can have a personalized, current Angel Card Reading using Doreen Virtue’s Angel Card Deck. The reading will be recorded and you will have all the relevant information e-mailed to you at the conclusion of the reading. Find out what important wisdom the Angels have in store for you. A half hour session is $75.00, a full hour session is $150.00. Once you have purchased your session, you will be contacted to set up a date and time that is mutually agreeable.

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Now available only on the website for the Meditation and Guided Imagery for Optimal Health CD series.

It’s here! This set is a frequently requested Meditation and Guided Imagery for Optimal Health CD series. Clients and students have been requesting this series for a very long time. This set of 7 CDs is designed to help you create optimal health, based on what research has shown to work. You can use them individually or get the best results by using the complete set.

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New Products

Check out the Holistic Health Mastery Series!!

You can have all this valuable information and the best way to bring the benefits into your daily life with the full program option.

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Having Surgery? Want to prepare well to recover well using the awesome power of your mind?

Are you preparing for or just recovering from surgery? The Having Surgery? Create a Difference with Your Mind! book is perfect for you. You can have great surgical results or improve your recovery by completing the exercises and learning the secrets of a speedy recovery. Go to this website to buy the newly published book:

Upcoming Teleseminars and “Play” shops


Claim Your Power Back in these Challenging Financial Times

This very informative teleseminar met every other Tuesday starting October 13th and ending November 16th. It is now recorded as a downloadable product. You learn how to envision a future that is abundant and prosperous. There is so much information and exercises specifically designed to address your fears and increase your ability to achieve financial success, regardless of the financial climate.

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Now introducing teleseminars to make it easy to participate. Join people just like yourself who want to: Live a Joyful and Balanced Life!

3 Simple Steps to Start Living a Joyful and Peaceful Life.

• Identify your greatest stressors
• Balance them by doing what you love
• Use a balance wheel to chart your progress
• Learn some quick and easy “fixes”
• And more!

Teleseminar details:
Available for Download $25.00
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Missed the date? Don’t worry, you can now purchase it and listen to it at your leisure.

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